Meet the Staff


Kawi Kermie  –  Head Frog In Charge 

WEB - KERMIT Kermie is the best frog in the world!  Don’t be surprised to find him flailing around the track on the back of Marr’s race bike giving every rider in sight the bird.

Marr – Queen Bee

web - bee She’s the most interesting woman in the world.  She’s been known to leave the house with boots but no pants…..Look everywhere for her phone while talking on it…..Drive down the road while frantically looking for her car keys.  She postulates that if she kicks you in the eye, you’ll scream in pain, then tests her hypothesis. Turns out, she was right.  You postulate that flailing wildly at her will be an effective attack, but it turns out you are wrong. Don’t mess with the Head Bee in Charge.

Jason – The Mad Scientist

mad scientist cartoonThe whimsical prototype of the evil genius with MAD motor building skills! BOOM!  He forks you in the eye….he blinded you with SCIENCE! Eek!  He hits you in the throat with a fork. It’s not even a scientific fork, it’s a K-Tech! Argh!  At the completion of every bike project he is known to yell out “Great Scott, It’s Alive!!!”

Tyler – Service Tech

tyler rrrrrightHe shows you one of the tricks he has up his sleeve — turns out, it’s a fist, which smashes into your leg.  Ouch!  He’s been known to turn into a lurching monster and pound you into a fine paste. Ooh!  He may be young but he’s ready!  Rrrrrrrrright!!!


Brian – Ambassador & Team Support

web - coatsHe pulls out a chemistry set and mixes up a strange, bubbling potion. He drinks it, turns into a Car Salesman and BOOM, you are the owner of a new car!  Yes, Crisp & Clean with no Caffeine!  Now who needs a new truck to haul their trailer???

Ambassador – Soon-To-Be-Bike-Master

You know how sometimes a Mad Scientist will have an assistant? Well, sometimes those assistants have assistants. He tries to blind you with science, but you dodge like poetry in motion. He’s got a few tricks up his sleeve though, so watch out. The bunch of flowers he pulls out isn’t particularly threatening, but his wife likes them!  So fresh and so Clean-Clean!