• Spring onto the track seminar at Farrell Performance – Sat. April 26th 2014

    Farrell Performance - Get Fast

    FarrellPerformance.com and MidwestSportRiders.com are very happy to announce that we are co-sponsoring an open house and track seminar at Farrell Performance in Oshkosh, WI.

    The event will start at about 11AM Sat. April 26th, 2014 at:
    Farrell Performance
    2300 S. Washburn St.
    Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54904

    This will be an open house and demonstration / discussion.  EVERYONE is encouraged to attend.

    • Jason Farrell will begin with a discussion of good spring street bike maintenance that everyone should be doing to their motorcycles
    • Then Jason will be demonstrating, what is needed to track prep your street bike for your first track day!
    • Next, CCS Midwest head tech official, Jay Van Evenhoven will be on site to have a discussion on what it takes to participate and get involved in CCS racing.
    • Finally Jason will take it up to the next level and discuss what is involved in road race prep for CCS and other race series’.  He’ll go over component setup and tire options he recommends.
    • At the end of the presentations we will have a drawing for a Free Track Day from Motovid.com!

    There will be Pizza and refreshments provided for lunch. Jason, Marr and their staff will be available for questions and parts inquiries before and after the demonstrations.

    For more information on Jason Farrell and Farrel Performance llc please visit their website at www.FarrellPerformance.com,

    If you plan to attend, please give a shout out in the MidwestSportRider.com forums so we can get a rough estimate for food and refreshments.  Note:  This is a BYOC event.  (Bring your own chair.)


    Farrell Performance llc


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  • ZX6R 2013 636 Woodcraft Cfm engine covers

    Farrell Performance carries Woodcraft Cfm engine covers for your ZX6R 2013 636.

    Farrell Performance carries Woodcraft Cfm engine covers for your ZX6R 2013 636.

    Woodcraft Cfm engine covers on a ZX6R 2013 636.

    Nice pieces!  Give us a call at 920-236-0000 or stop by the shop today to get some for your bike!

  • Another ZX6R 636 being prepped by Farrell Performance

    Stripping another ZX6R 636 and prepping for the track.
    These bikes are sooo fast!!  Give us a call today at 920-236-0000 to see what we can do for you bike!

    Another zx6r 636 track prepped by Farrell Performance

  • We Offer FREE Disposal of Used Motor Oil

    Help Protect The Drinking Water in Your Area & Protect the Environment. Used motor oil never wears out, it just gets dirty and can be recycled, cleaned and used again. Motor oil poured onto the ground or into storm drains, or tossed into trash cans, even in a sealed container, can contaminate and pollute the soil, groundwater, streams, and rivers AND it’s illegal.


    • Put in a plastic container with a tight lid
    • DO NOT mix it with anything else as this makes it unsuitable for recycling
    • NEVER mix with gasoline, solvents, antifreeze, paint, etc.


    • Pouring used oil down a drain
    • Pouring used oil into a storm sewer
    • Tossing used oil on your driveway, street or the ground
    • Disposing of oil in lakes, streams or wetlands

    Give us a call to arrange a time for drop-off