Racing Team

The Farrell Performance LLC Shop came to fruition from the race track.  Jason Farrell has been racing motorcycles since the young age of 4.  Racing is in his heart.  He has over 20 years just in RoadRacing starting in 1994.  KAWASAKI'S - TRAILER

We at Farrell Performance LLC take pride in helping others thrive on the race track. From building your complete race bike from the ground up, servicing your engine, suspension, getting the parts you need to perform on the track, we will help you make it happen. We help our racing customers by service & endless advice at the track whether on a race weekend or on a trackday event to hone your skills.

Jason Farrell - Farrell PerformanceJason has broken many records across the country in since 2000. Farrell Performance LLC riders have broken records as well throughout the years.

Farrell Performance LLC is the exclusive PIRELLI TIRE VENDOR in the Upper Midwest for CCS & CRA Events. Racing on Pirelli since the year of 2000, Jason has a vast amount of knowledge on the product and how to help you get your bike set up to go fast!

We do complete suspension re-vavling, dynotuning, ecu flashing, engine building from Supersport to Superbike.

Kawasaki’s have been Jason’s bike of choice in the past 17 years of Road Racing. A misconception is that we only build Kawasaki brand bikes. We build all brands of race bikes here at our shop whether it be an SV650, R1, GSXR, R6, TZ, Triumph, etc.

We at Farrell Performance LLC are always helping new riders achieve their dreams whether it be at a trackday or at AMA Pro level riding.

Check out our links of present & past riders of Farrell Performance.

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