Marr Farrell

Marr "5un5hine" Ritucci-Farrell

Marr “5un5hine” Farrell

Marr Brainerd Race 6-12-16

2016 Brainerd Raceway


NAME:  Marr Farrell

NICKNAME:  5un5hine

AGE:  46

HEIGHT:  5’9″     WEIGHT:  135 lb

HOMETOWN:  Oshkosh, WI  (by way of Chicago)

BIKE(s):  Currently races a Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R and plays in the dirt with her Kawasaki KX125

RACE NUMBER:  55 (5un5hine)

YEAR STARTED RACING:  2010  (on track since 2007)

PROFESSION:   OWNER/CEO at Farrell Performance LLC

FAVORITE TRACKS(s):  Road America, Barber, Jennings, Blackhawk, Grattan, Gingerman, Little Tally


Marr “5un5hine” Ritucci-Farrell

Marr “5un5hine” Farrell


About Marr:  Marr is one of the few grown-ups that still drinks milk with every meal.  Her trademark of over 25 years is the blond streak in her hair.  She has been a tomboy since the age of 4 when she picked up her first basketball.  Although her whole life revolves around motorcycles 24/7, you will still catch her shooting hoops daily when the weather is nice out.  Teaching and racing is Marr’s passion, but she doesn’t expect to be on the podium after every race.  She is thrilled about partaking in all the buzz of the sport.  She gets just as excited when she swings a leg over her bike as she did her first time on the track.  RAWR!!!(another one of her famous trademarks)  She also gets super energized when she sees a fellow female on a bike.  She definitely likes to challenge the boys when(if) possible!  Marr is also a Certified Motorcycle Instructor/Rider Coach with MSF.  Safety is a big priority for Marr, so she is also ASMI/SOS & CPR certified and religious about safety and having proper gear.  Believe it or not Marr is also a retired runway/print model and a retired Corporate America Executive.  Even though she is a tomboy for life and loves her jeans, hoodies & cowboy boots, you will still find her being a girly-girl, especially as Jason’s Umbrella Girl at the Pro MotoAmerica/AMA races.

Interesting Stat:  Marr & Pro Racer Jason got married at the start/finish line of Blackhawk Farms Raceway in 2013.  Marr also won her first Midwest CCS Championship the same year.  Road her very first bike as A DARE back in 1993 and it happen to be a Kawasaki Ninja.  Marr is very proud to represent all women racers and very proud that she is still racing over 40.  LIKE her facebook fan race page here:

marr 2

Marr & Jason’s Wedding


CAREER HIGHLIGHT(s):  Won first her first Midwest CCS Championship in 2013.  Advanced to EXPERT 2016.

2016 GOALS:  To “GET FAST” ® (faster)

CURRENT SPONSORS:  Farrell Performance, Pirelli, Motovid, Woodcraft, Hindle, Sidi, EBC, US Chrome, Line 2 Line, Vortex, TrackGraphix, Stitch-On-Time, MadWraps, MRO Outreach, CSBracing, Dowco