Motorcycle Service

Check out our award-winning service center! Motorcycles with Farrell Performance-built engines have won nearly every CCS Overall Championship from 2006 to today! Moreover, we have over 25 regional championships in the past 3 years! It takes fast, reliable bikes to win this many championships.

We have the expertise to service your motorcycle with the highest standards.

We specialize in sport bikes and building race bikes; however, we also service street bikes. Bring your bike to us for general maintenance, a full bike build, and everything in between.

Brands we service: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Ducati, BMW, KTM, Triumph

Labor Rate: $110 / hr.

Dynotuning rate: $120 / hr.

Typical Sportbike Upgrades:

  • ECU flash / dyno tune
    • NOTE: We DO NOT offer ECU flashing without a full tune. Every bike needs this in order to run correctly. We are a high performance shop, thus we DO NOT cut corners.
  • Exhaust system upgrade
  • High flow air filter
  • 520 chain & sprocket conversion kit
  • Gearing changes
  • Brake lines
  • Master cylinder upgrade
  • Windscreens
  • Rearsets
  • Quickshifter
  • Frame sliders
  • Paint jobs
  • Fender eliminator kit
  • Cell phone mounting system


  • K-Tech sales & service
  • Penske shock sales & service
  • Ohlins shock & fork sales & service
  • Race Tech sales & service
  • OEM suspension servicing
  • Spring rate calculations for your bike & application
  • Lowering kits

Engine Work:

  • Complete overhauls
  • Boring & honing
  • Cylinder electroplating
  • Valve resurfacing
  • Supersport motor build packages
  • Superbike motor build packages
  • Cam degreeing
  • Cylinder head milling
  • Transmission repair
  • Overboring of cylinder
  • Slipper clutch installation & tuning


  • ECU flashes
  • Fuel mapping
  • Dynojet power commander / Bazzaz / Kawasaki Kit ECU / YEC Yamaha ECU / Yoshimura Kit Box / tuning
  • Basic dyno runs to check horsepower & torque

Carburetor Tuning:

  • Carburetor cleaning, synchronizing, & adjusting
  • Completely rebuilding carburetors
  • Custom jet kits
  • Air/fuel ratio lambda sensor for optimum tuning

Data Acquisition Systems:

  • Sales
  • Installation
  • Training to use software

Tires & Final Drive:

  • Tire changes of every kind
  • Static wheel balancing
  • We also can do single-sided swingarm applications
  • Chain & sprocket replacements and upgrades


  • OEM & aftermarket installations
  • Custom painting / sticker kits installations
  • Fiberglass repair & plastic welding
  • Damaged fuel tank repair


  • Stainless steel brake line installations. We stock many brake line components
  • Brake pad upgrades
  • Brake rotor replacement
  • Master cylinder upgrades


  • Oil changes
  • Coolant flushes
  • Brake fluid flushes

Service Check ups:

  • Valve clearance adjustments
  • Chain adjustments
  • Safety checks
  • Compression & leakdown test


  • We can diagnose electrical problems from complete wiring harness teardown & rebuild to wiring up a simple pair of turn signals
  • Keyless ignition systems for race bike applications

Chassis Detailing:

  • Complete motorcycle cleaning & detail work
  • Aluminum polishing


  • Rearset installations
  • Clip-on Installations
  • 1/4 turn throttle installations
  • Steering head bearing replacement
  • Throttle lock installations


  • We do not work on scooters